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Innovative development is inseparable from the intelligent cabinet

Date:2016-04-07 14:35
  Intelligent automation technology for the application of the cabinet and the measurement of the relevant art has opened up broad prospects. Enterprises should change the traditional way of thinking and through product manufacturing-based business model, improve the operating mechanism and the process of internationalization of enterprises, strengthen the talent introduction and protection efforts, enhance the independent innovation and research and development capabilities, to play with meter cabinet companies in information collection system the advantage to the "technology leader in enterprise" change, research and development of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, to the "no one I have, I have excellent" different development path.
  Promote industrial and technological upgrading, product cabinet intelligent and systematic trend is clearly, to further expand the range of applications. This makes technological innovation has become the main driving force for enterprise survival and development of talent to become a decisive factor in business competition. Electrical instrumentation industry is shifting from labor-intensive to technology-pilot type. Modernization of Chinese cabinet industry, should first and foremost instrument design, modern and intelligent. The only way to enter a virtuous circle instrumentation design and production based on localization, to promote the rapid development of instrumentation.

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